St. Anne's Knights of Columbus Cafeteria

Thank You to the Heart Hospital of Lafayette for donating CAFE' booths and tables to our St. Anne Cafeteria. Enjoying their new furniture are LARC Cafeteria employees David Ronsonet, Theresa Steinmetz, Kasha Shelvin and Traford Richard.

​LARC'S St. Anne's Knights of Columbus Cafeteria is located on the grounds of LARC. The "Cafeteria" follows the Vocational Services program schedule. Each day, the staff is responsible for feeding over 150 individuals who attend the day program.

The Cafeteria employs a full-time cook and a full-time dietician. Also on staff are 4-5 individuals who attend LARC. This is an opportunity for employment. They are responsible for prepping and serving food as well as cleaning and sanitizing the facility.

The Cafeteria is not funded through traditional funding resources and relies upon donations alone. The challenge in keeping the cafeteria open is that the cost per meal greatly exceeds the minimal $2.50 amount individuals pay for each meal. Each individual who eats in the Cafeteria is asked to pay $2.50 per day for a well-balanced, hot meal. ​

A big thanks to, Wal-Mart and Second Harvest of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana for partnering with us. We couldn't do it without you!

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