From LARC CEO, Brian Hensgens

To our clients and family members:

First let me say that we all miss you greatly. Your smiles, laughter and joy are what bring life to this place and we cannot wait for things to get back to normal. Unfortunately, the date that may happen is up in the air. We may not be able to open the day program back up until July 6th. LDH, the department of Health and Hospitals, is working on a plan now.  We definitely cannot open until PHASE 2 which would mean June 8th and that would likely be a partial opening to allow for social distancing in the vans. 

Temperatures will be taken before being allowed on a van and a mask will be given to wear to all clients and staff.  Once the campus social distancing is no problem, we will probably still only be able to fit a max of 56 people on our 14 vans at a time total, meaning everyone would not come every day.  If indeed we do have to wait until July 6th, it may then be fully open.  We would still take temps, wear masks and social distance but may be able to allow more clients per van.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE LARC will not reopen until July 6th and if that changes we will get in touch with everyone.
GOD bless and stay safe! We think of you daily.