LARC Members enjoy the right to vote on issues that come before the membership. Please note that some restrictions apply.* Each paid member receives one vote, and they must be present to vote - no proxy voting allowed. Members are encouraged to attend certain meetings throughout the year, including our Annual Board of Directors Installation Banquet. All members must be 18 years old or older.

If you are interested in becoming a LARC Member, please contact Karon Davis, Assistant to the Executive Director. Please note that our membership drive is held each year during the first quarter.

Should your application be approved, you will then receive a letter of acknowledgment stating your acceptance. You will then be able to pay for your membership. In order to reap the benefits of the full year, you should pay in full by April 1. Once memberships are paid, you will receive the appropriate benefits. You will then be allowed to attend:

  • April: Meeting to elect the Nominating Committee
  • May: Meeting to receive report from Nominating Committee and nominate members to the Board of Directors
  • June: Meeting to elect the Board of Directors
  • July: Board of Directors Installation Banquet

Meeting dates, times and location to be announced.

*"Adult individuals who are not employees of LARC or businesses that DO NOT directly do business with LARC have the right to vote on ALL issues that come before the membershi­­­­p." AND "... adult individuals who are employees of LARC and their immediate families or businesses that DO directly do business with LARC have the right to vote on all issues that come before the membership except election of members to the Board of Directors and Officers."

If you would like to support LARC by becoming a member, please click here for a pdf application. Complete it and mail it back without your fees to:

Attn: Karon Davis
303 New Hope Road
Lafayette, LA 70506

You may also fax it: 337-984-1102